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Kepler, Angela Kay

  •  Kepler, Angela Kay

  • Female

  • Nationality: United States of America

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  • PO Box 1298
  • Haiku, Island of Maui
  • Hawaii, USA

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  • Professional qualification: I have a BSc. (University of Canterbury, New Zealand), MS in Marine Biology & Ecology (University of Hawaii, USA), Ph.D. in Vertebrate Zoology & Behaviour (Cornell University, New York State, USA), and Post-doctoral fellowship, Oxford University (England, UK).
  • Main professional activity: Research
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  • Professional activities relevant to bananas: Specialist in rare Hawaiian cultivars, as well as many international & Pacific cvs., particularly Pacific plantains. In Hawaii, USA, over past 10 years, written & self-published a large format, comprehensive book, The World of Bananas in Hawaii: Then & Now, subtitled Traditional Pacific & global varieties, cultures, ornamentals, health & recipes, (2011)

    Maintain a 30+ cv. collection of banana varieties (~500 plants >1.3m tall), community outreach, past member of TAG, current member of MusaNet, have attended INIBAP & Bioversity conferences, specialist in banana photography, contributed to Minimum Descriptors & other Bioversity publications, etc.

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  • Last updated: 2012-04-06

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