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Nationality: India
Gender: Male

National Research Centre for Banana NRCB

Thogamalai Main Road
Thayanur Post

Thiruchippally, Tamil Nadu
India 620102
Type of organisation: Research, ,

Main professional activity: Research
Professional qualifications:

MSc Zoology, Ancl. Chem and Botany, Univ of Madras, (IND), (75-78)
MSc Zoology, Optl.-Entomology, Univ of Madras, (IND), (79-81)
PhD Entomology, Univ of Madras, (IND), (81-85)

Main skills:


Describe past or present professional activities relevant to bananas:

Management: Section Head, Crop Protection Unit (98-99)
Coordination: Scientist in charge, Research Management and Coordination Unit (98-99)
Other: Secretary, Staff research council (98-99)
Research Scientist (85-90), Scientist Senior Scale (90-98), Senior Scientist (Since 98)

Languages: English
MusaContacts mailing list: Yes
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