Martha Marina

Martha Marina Bolaños Benavides

Nationality: Colombia
Gender: Female

Km 14 Vía Mosquera
Bogotá Código Postal 250047
Phone: +57(1)4227300 ext 1204 1571
Email: mmbolanos@agrosavia.co
Type of organisation: Research, Public,
Geographical scope: National

Main professional activity: Research
Professional qualifications:

Postgraduate: 2002-2006
Degree: Ph. D. Agricultural Sciences. Soil Management. Focuses on Soil Biochemistry - Enzymes in plantain rhozosphere, National University of Colombia, Palmira, Colombia.
Postgraduate: 1993 – 1996
Degree: Master of Science in Soil Science -Specialization in Arbuscular Mycorrizes, National University, Bogotá, Colombia.
Undergraduate studies: 1986 -1991
Degree: Biologist. University of Cauca, Popayán. Colombia

Main skills:

Soil and root health management
Plant nutrition
Production systems
Organic production

Describe past or present professional activities relevant to bananas:

Research in soil science, fertility, integrated management, organic production, efficient management of integrated plantain fertilization. Enzymatic activity in plantain rhizosphere. Musacea nutrition and effect on health.
Direction and jury of postgraduate theses in these subjects.
Formulation and development of research and technology transfer projects in different regions of Colombia, in topics such as Risk Reduction and Adaptation to Climate Change, fertilization integrated of musaceas.

Languages: English, Spanish
MusaContacts mailing list: Yes
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