Kodjo Tomekpe

Nationality: France
Gender: Male


CIRAD - French Antilles-Guyane / Caribbean Region.
Station de Neufchâteau. Sainte Marie/ Bel Air.

Capesterre Belle Eau
Guadeloupe 97130
Phone: (590)(0) 590 41 68 76
Fax: (590)(0) 590 86 80 77
Email: kodjo.tomekpe@cirad.fr
Skype name:  kotomekpe
Type of organisation: Research, Public,
Geographical scope: International

Main professional activity: Research
Professional qualifications:

Agricultural Engineer.
PhD of Plant Genetic Improvement.
Banana genetic resources and taxonomy.
Conventional breeding/Development of advanced hybrids Banana/plantain
Participatory varietal selection of plantain and banana.
Management of agricultural research projects.

Main skills:

Conventional breeding
Genetic resources

Describe past or present professional activities relevant to bananas:

Leader Plantain Breeding Program at CARBAP (1995-2009)
Germplasm Curator at CARBAP (1995-2001)
Management of ten R&D national/regional projects.
Director of African Research Centre on Banana and Plantain (CARBAP) (2001-2009).

Languages: English, French
MusaContacts mailing list: Yes
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