Ludivine Lassois

Nationality: Belgium
Gender: Female

Liege University - Gembloux AgroBio Tech ULg
Email: ludivine.lassois@uliege.be
Type of organisation: Academic, Public, Non-profit

Main professional activity: research
Professional qualifications:

2018-2020 MSc. Pedagogy – UCLouvain.
2005-2009 PhD in Bioscience Engineering. Plant Pathology and physiology - Gembloux Agricultural University.
2003-2005 MSc., Molecular Biology - Gembloux Agricultural University. Thesis : Post-harvest diseases of banana : use of cDNA-AFLP
1998-2003 BSc., MSc., Agricultural Sciences - Plant Pathology - Gembloux Agricultural University Thesis : Contribution to the development of a biological control method against banana crown rot disease

Main skills:

Fungal diseases
Biological and other non-chemical control
Host pathogen interactions
Morphological characterization
Genetic resources

Describe past or present professional activities relevant to bananas:

In the past: Agronomical and molecular factors influencing bananas (Musa acuminata, AAA, cv
‘Grande-Naine’) susceptibility to crown rot disease
Now: focus on agroecological innovations

Languages: English, French
MusaContacts mailing list: Yes
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